Fan Fiction

The following can be read off site because the script I use is no longer running correctly so you can view it in our archives here.

Mercer Talent : Celebrity Talent Agent Jenna Taylor is the best they come in the industry. As she handles male celebrities she has a complication with Daniel Radcliffe. He keeps insisting she is not giving him the right scripts. So he goes after her and tries to romance her into giving him better roles but will he get more than he bargained for or end up empty handed.

Project 0471 : Deandra and Dane have come up with a formula testing it on a live specimen they never expected it to work. Now Daniel is alive with powers beyond anything they ever seen. As he grows stronger he remembers his past and tries to fix his past mistakes while saving people.and falling for the one who created him.

I Believe in You, You Believe in Me : Basic One Shot