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Project 0471

Not sure how many of you know this. I myself like to write, have been since Elementary school. My first fan fiction started back on my Titanic site back in 1999 called “There’s no place like Heaven.”. There’s this story I wrote called Project 0471, I’ve been struggling to write it since 2012 and its been laying on my computer dormant for a while now. Anyways the reason I am posting this is because I finally decided to bring Mitch into this he’s about the age of the character I wrote and he’s special just like Mitch is to me. The character I wrote is named Jacob, he’s a pivotal character in the story sort of the one who brings everything together and does amazing things. If you like superheroes this is my take. You can read below:

Here’s a small snippet of Jacob:

“What happened after I left West Port?” Walter paced.

“They came after me thinking I knew where you had gone. Since I hadn’t a clue they wanted to fire me. But after seeing I had nothing to do with your escape, they decided they needed me to do one more test on another child. His name was Jacob. Smartest kid I’ve ever known, he bonded with the serum like you. He was young sixteen not having any abilities least I never had the chance to test him, but he became leader as far as I know after I left.” Emile remembered Jacob and smiled.

What this story is about:


Project 0471 by marcie
Rated: M – Mature (18+) [reviews – 0]
Summary: Deandra and Dane have come up with a formula testing it on a live specimen they never expected it to work. Now Daniel is alive with powers beyond anything they ever seen. As he grows stronger he remembers his past and tries to fix his past mistakes while saving people.and falling for the one who created him.

Just a little FYI: My writing has been shown to Daniel Radcliffe and acted out by actor Dane DeHaan and Actress Aubrey Plaza.