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Mitchell Kummen Birthday Project 17


Last year was such a great year and as Mitchell told me he really loved what we put together for him. So this year, I was hoping to start with a little something more personal. Having Lunch with Mitchell was such a blast and I really had a lot of fun. So details of the project are listed below. I Hope you all will join us and help us celebrate this talented young man who’s just an amazing person to know.

Birthday Graphics

Make a birthday graphic wishing Mitchell a Happy Birthday. You can use any pictures, words and decor that you want. Any image size is fine.

Video Greetings

Say a simple greeting nothing too long. Can be 30 seconds long but less than a minute.

Send it via Instagram or email. Just send me the url to the video if you upload it elsewhere.

Name it
Name five things you think of when you see Mitchell. You can write it on paper or make a graphic out of it if you have graphic skills. If you make it out of paper, decorate it and color it. You can also do a personal drawing of Mitchell if you prefer. After your done take a picture of it and send it in.

And lastly our final one. If you follow Mitchell on twitter or instagram. We want you to show your support.

Support Mitchell
Make sure to like Mitchell’s twitter or instagram and take a pic in front of your computer with his twitter or instagram behind you. Let’s show him how much we care.

Everything must be sent in no later than July 15. That’s the cut off date. Please send everything to

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