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Mitchell Kummen Birthday Countdown

Hi Friends, we welcome our first birthday project this week for Mitchell Kummen. An impressive young actor who has an amazing talent. He’s been in Horns as the Young Ignatius Perrish, played Gabe Montgomery on When Calls the Heart and this coming August he will play Jeff McLean in the Ties that Bind. His new show which comes on August 12th on UpTV. Ties that Bind is a must see!

I would like to invite you to our event which will feature everything I and other fellow friends, family and loved ones put together to celebrate Mitchell’s 16th birthday. All contributors will be listed at the end of a video I am putting together for our project so you will be able to see that along with our online book for Mitchell.

I wanna thank everyone for helping us celebrate an astounding young man it’s been a pleasure to do this for him. I wish nothing but the best for him. Happy Birthday Mitchell… I believe in you!

Today’s first introduction is from Horns where Mitchell dyed his hair for the part of the young Ignatius Perrish who’s older version is played by Daniel Radcliffe. In this scene Ignatius shows Merrin the treehouse and tells her the truth about her necklace thus begins a love story.

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