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Happy Birthday Mitchell

Today we celebrate Mitchell’s 16th birthday. A young man that has inspired a bit more than the entertainment industry. Having watched the majority if not all of his films, television shows, and play. Mitchell has been an inspiration and a joy to see on screen. As I watched him grow from a short called Sea Legs to Ties that Bind I have seen his progression in his acting and have not been disappointed only excited to see more that he has done. Today he turns sixteen, I hope he enjoys what we have put together for him and I would like to thank everyone that submitted their greeting, words and story for him to read and see. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Down below is an online book for you to see. The messages in the video are not clearly visible especially the ones that contained a lot of words, but you can zoom in on our online book and read each message at your leisure. I hope you enjoy all you see, till next year. Happy Birthday Mitchell. May you have a very good birthday and keep being the person you are. We love you. Happy 16th birthday!

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