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Simply Mitchell Kummen 1st year anniversary

One of the first few photos I seen the first time I seen Mitchell
One of the first few photos I seen the first time I seen Mitchell

It’s been a year since the site has opened. Time really flies and Mitchell has grown so much. I remember it was during casting for Horns. A friend of mine, Carol I believe told us who was playing the Young Ignatius for Daniel Radcliffe’s younger self. I wasn’t all too sure who Mitchell Kummen was. I didn’t know the talent he possessed and to be honest I never heard of him since I don’t work on younger celebrities. Time passed and filming for Horns was starting and we waited for news or word on what was being done. The first time I seen the photos of Mitchell with the rest of the group from Horns I was kinda thinking who is this kid. I got curious. So I didn’t really look too much into it until promotion started coming out for the film. I was like now we are finally getting somewhere.

I was doing some looking around and I seen this person Karen Mitchell, I didn’t know who she was at the time but I remember seeing her post lots of things on Mitchell. So she is the one who actually drew me in further and I started thinking this woman is doing so much for him. I wanted to help her. I’ve been doing fan sites so long that I knew I could do a site on Mitchell. I was doing five sites already and overworked, but I went ahead and started building the site.

I started looking into Mitchell not as a child, but as a professional actor. I took about a week maybe two to research everything he did. I saw his films, television shows and just about everything I could find on him. I wanted to see what he possessed in talent because that is what I do when I work on an actor I look for why they became actors and how much emotion they put into the character’s they play. I have to say he blew me away. He was so original I could not find anything bad about him. I knew then that he was a growing actor with promise.

It’s been an amazing journey running this site for him. He’s been so kind, appreciative and just a good person overall. I am so glad to have worked on Mitchell. He’s introduced me to Hozier, which I have to thank him for the Work song that’s one of my favorites now and Arsonist’s Lullabye which I have heard before but didn’t know who the artist was I surprised to see it was the same artist. He also let me know about YouNow, which I never heard of so it’s a learning experience for me. Thank you for introducing me to this, Mitchell.

I would also like to thank Everiathing and Ria Jade for everything they have kept me up to date on, thank you so very much.

To Karen and Bruce: You’ve been amazing parents to such a very talented son; you worked so hard helping him with everything and taking care of his well-being. You deserve a lot of thanks for raising a son who is just amazing at everything he does. I feel I owe you a debt of gratitude for not only bringing him into this world but for sharing his talent to our eyes. You deserve a lot of praise for what you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Finally to Mitchell Kummen, everything I have done for you is because you deserve it and so much more. I’ve watched you grow in a short time and you never disappointed me not ever. I enjoy your singing clips, your acting and watching you laugh. You keep aiming for your passion. You got what it takes. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Thank you for opening my eyes to another world and I look forward to seeing you on Ties that Bind, Interrogation and Santa’s little helper. Oh and keep smiling, you have a nice smile.

In closing, thanks to everyone that has visited the site. It’s been a real interesting year. Love you guys and thank you. I hope to provide you with more information when Interrogation and Santa’s Little Helper comes out till then follow Mitchell on instagram and twitter.

Marcie Lucas

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