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Ties that Bind: Episode 7

Jeff (Mitchell Kummen) in this scene protects his mother after she is wrongly accused of treating a famous women’s soccer player with force.

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Interview with Mitchell Kummen

‘The reason I became an actor was because one day, I was watching a Jackie Chan movie and my mom was peeling potatoes and I asked, ‘How do I get to meet Jackie Chan?’ Facetiously, while peeling potatoes, she replied, ‘Become an actor.’ And that’s exactly what I did!’

While rising heartthrob, Mitchell Kummen, hasn’t met Mr. Chan just yet, he has created a respected name for himself as an actor. The accomplished young man has appeared in such programs as “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour,” “The Tomorrow People,” and “When Calls the Heart.” In the award-winning “Horns,” he plays the 13 year old version of Ig Perrish (the older version was played by none other than Daniel Radcliffe). Currently, he is starring along with Kelli Williams, Jonathan Scarfe, and Dion Johnstone in UP TV’s groundbreaking family action series “Ties That Bind,” which airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m.

“When I was a kid, I missed out on all the films that kids are supposed to watch like “The Lion King” and other Disney classics because I was always watching Jackie Chan movies,” Mitchell told Examiner in a recent interview. “I actually came super close to working with the guy who directed ‘Shanghai Knights’ and the guy who had Jackie Chan as his manager for 15 years! They loved me, they loved my face, but the Network Exec of that show said, ‘You know what? We really need to go with someone ethnic.’ So, I got mad at my dad for not being Latin!” he laughed, “I was like, ‘Really Dad? Didn’t you know this was going to happen?!”

Kummen is charismatic, an effortless charmer. He has that winning combination of being both driven and talented. He is a stand-up guy with an unshakable sense of right and wrong. Like his hero, Jackie Chan, those admirable personality traits often bleed over into the characters that he plays and help establish him as a role model for his peers.

“On ‘Ties That Bind,’ I play Jeff McLean,” Mitchell informed. “He’s shy, but he’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. I’m like that too, I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in… only I’m not shy. I’m a very social person. A chatterbox!”

To date, Kummen’s character is the only youth in the show who has remained steadfast in his convictions. He has boldly stared down temptation and selflessly placed himself in harms way in order to stick up for other members of his family. The role is an easy fit for Mitchell as it is very close to who he is in real life.

“Everything I do is real and natural, there’s nothing fake involved in it,” the actor expressed. “I’m a guy who is all about justice and being fair, so when I see something that is not right I have to speak up.” And that’s the hardest part about playing Jeff McLean. “When someone is doing something wrong, in the show, I don’t always say something, but in real life, there’s no way I’d be silent!”

Source: The Examiner

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Ties that Bind Season Premiere

Since following Mitchell Kummen’s career, I have seen a young boy become a wonderful young man. He has grown so much since When Calls the Heart and even more since Horns. Last night’s premiere of Ties that Bind brings back what other shows left behind “family drama”. Mitchell Kummen plays Jeff McLean son to police detective Allison McLean (Kelli Williams). The show’s premiere was completely tense as all the characters had a lot to deal with since the imprisonment of Allison’s brother Tim Olson played by Luke Perry. The shows defining moment at least to me was seeing how all the teenagers acted in the series for me that was a strong point to see. In fact their story is what I loved most about Ties that Bind. I look forward to the next episode. So I absolutely cannot wait to see it. It is most exciting because not only does the show have a wonderful cast, but everyone works so well together. Natasha and Mitchell who play brother and sister in the series have definitely won my heart as they learn to live with the hardships of sharing their stuff with Mariah (Matreya Scarrwener) and Cameron (Rhys Matthew Bond), but seeing them become close was even more cause it gave you that feeling of just joy that they were finally being able to come together as a whole.

For Mitchell, this role has made him become an emphasis of great talent. His anger was something I never really seen and he’s become a better actor to make his feelings show through his characters he’s portrayed. I feel proud to have followed a young actor whose not only kind, but unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

If you would like to see Ties that Bind it comes Wednesday at 9pm EST on your cable network.

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Lots of News from When Calls the Heart to Awards Night

Hallmark Channel has greenlit a third season of scripted drama “When Calls the Heart,” with an order for 10 new episodes to begin in February 2016 (with a two-hour sneak peak in the holiday 2015 season). Good News for us Hearties. Let’s hope Mitch has more of a role in this season.

Mitchell also recently co-hosted an Awards Event at Everiathing and The Star Experience and thanks to fellow photographers a few photos have been taken of Mitch showing him as Co-Host with his Ties that Bind Co-Star Matreya Scarrwener!

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