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Simply MK Q and A Transcript

Today I said I would put up the transcript for the Q and A, I added additional info into it like for example the Norwegian Prayer, The What a to do Tongue Twister and a few other sources listed from Mitchell’s long month Q and A. I would like to thank Stephanie, Mitchell, The Kummen family and all those who submitted their questions we couldn’t have done it without you. Some links are clickable to their sources so if Mitch sang a song the link is provided in the PDF.


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Mitchell Kummen Q and A Event
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Mitchell Kummen Q and A Event

First off, its been amazing working on this Q and A with Mitchell and Stephanie. Every morning I would wake up at 6 a.m. get my kids ready for school, upload the video’s, then get dressed. Then before leaving to take them to school I would post the videos that were for that assigned day. I wanna thank Stephanie for all the video editing and reserach she did. She’s an awesome friend. We all worked together pretty well. Collecting the questions, choosing the winner, getting the additional info for every question we received, not including everything Mitchell has done for us. His beautiful singing, his amazing personality, things we didn’t expect. He’s been so awesome. I have to say this is the first time I actually did something like this. I wanna thank the Kummen’s for giving me this amazing opportunity to work on this with someone I admire very highly, Mitchell Kummen. It’s been a dream of mine to do something like this and Mitchell gave me that. Thank you so much Mitchell, Karen and Bruce. You are so amazing I wanna thank you for everything. I am glad I took up supporting Mitchell and before I start literally crying. Thank you for believing in me.

I am currently working on a transcript for the Q and A, it will list all the sources of everything Mitchell sang, and did including the Norwegian Prayer with translation. Thanks to Bruce and Karen for providing that. I truly had fun doing this.

Sunday is our last question, so this Sunday the 27th. Mitchell will be doing a live YouNow Chat at 2pm. You can register at YouNow and follow Mitchell at his YouNow profile. I look forward to seeing you there.


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Mitchell Q and A

This week is full of surprises for our Q and A with Mitchell Kummen. I’ve put together a playlist where you can watch them all one after another so press that button and view them down below. This is week 4 and it has definitely been a journey learning more about Mitchell through all your questions.