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Horns Making of

236 HD captures from the making of French version of Horns are in the gallery though because I took a long time to work on this they are currently watermarked with my Daniel Radcliffe tag cause I haven’t made one for this site yet. I went through over 3000 captures and separated it which took me half the day not including converting which i had to do several times because of different programs that would output the file differently. I will not be uploading the video its too long and no site can support a 700mb file to stream. So i hope you enjoy all the captures I’ve added.

Gallery Link:
Movies > Horns (2014) > Blu Ray > French: Making of

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Daniel Radcliffe on his younger self in ‘Horns

“I got to spend quite a lot of time particularly with Mitchell on the movie, and it was funny because Sabrina lives in L.A. now and she’s 13 going on 21,” Radcliffe continued. “She’s incredibly mature and well above her years, and Mitchell is like I was when I was like 13. He’s a kid from Winnipeg and he’s like a kid and he’s incredibly sweet. He’s awesome and I just like the fact that… Obviously Mitch is blond naturally and he’s got much fairer hair than I do, and they dyed his hair on the first day. He went back to his hotel in Vancouver and nobody knew what he was doing, and then one of the girls just happened to say, ‘Oh you look like Harry Potter.’ That just made his day. He was so happy.”

So while Radcliffe didn’t necessarily take anything specifically from Kummen’s performance, he did illustrate how difficult it can be for casting directors to find an actor to play him as a younger person. Still, both Radcliffe and Kummen took the same character and made it their own in the movie. Thanks to their performances, we succeeded in getting the best of both worlds.

Source: Examiner

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The Joey Awards and Horns

I announced, Mitchell’s wonderful win on all four nominations at the Joey Awards. There are a few pictures you can view, which I will post in the gallery for you. Credit to Everiathing and Lucas Talent.

I also did some recent artwork from Horns which you can preview down below.

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