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Happy 18th Birthday Mitchell

I would like to wish Mitchell a special birthday greeting there is more coming later today. Here’s our birthday project. Enjoy!1

Birthday Project #18
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Birthday Project #18

Ok here’s what I am gonna do this year for Mitch’s birthday project. You can help me by submitting the stuff below

Picture + Text
If you took a picture with Mitch submit those send it in to me with your name, country and what they mean to you or share a special memory.

Submit Music
Choose your favorite song to be consider to be used in our project. Something upbeat but also meaningful. No slow songs unless you wrote it. Something that reminds you of Mitch.

Make a collage with pics of the Mitch with the age he is gonna be 18.

Drawings or graphic art
Make a birthday graphic or drawing

Video or Audio Greeting
These are always great to add to our project they are meaningful to the project and memorable. If you don’t want to show your face we also accept just the audio. Make sure you don’t have any background noise and no music playing in the background so we can hear you clearly.

Make us an Introduction or a thanks for watching video ending credit.
Be the first to announce our project to Mitch video or audio should be about 15-20 seconds Announce the website, his age, and a memory you have of him and why he makes you proud to celebrate their birthday

18 reasons why you love Mitch
You can do this on paper, make sure we can read it though, video and audio are accepted as well.

Mitch- Specify 18 reasons why he is special

Cake or cupcake appreciation
One last idea, I know some of you celebrate your idols birthday with a cake or cupcake with their name on it. If you do, take a pic of it and submit it to us. We’d be happy to show it to Mitch on his special day.

Everything should be sent in by July 1st

You can send your submission to me by email @

Make sure your writing is readable.
Pictures and artwork must be in jpg format. Artwork must be 1920×1080 for better clarity can also be 1280×720 resolution
Must include your name and state so we know where you’re from.

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Happy Birthday Mitchell

Hi Mitchell, as you read this I wanted to tell you that I put a lot of work into this and collecting things from everyone that helped make this a present for you to view. You’ve been an inspiring role model and just a gift to view and see on screen. Meeting you was the best experience of my life. I was nervous meeting you, but glad to have been there with you. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would get to meet such a wonderful young man. Thank you for being kind and for sharing what you did with me. It was a journey I could only imagine. I really hope you like this. I didn’t have time to make a book like I did last year so I’ll be posting some of it on twitter and sharing a sketch my daughter made of you and her with our kitten Barry though she calls him moonlight. Have a wonderful birthday and love you always, your friend Marcie Lucas!!!

Mitchell Kummen Birthday Project 17
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Mitchell Kummen Birthday Project 17


Last year was such a great year and as Mitchell told me he really loved what we put together for him. So this year, I was hoping to start with a little something more personal. Having Lunch with Mitchell was such a blast and I really had a lot of fun. So details of the project are listed below. I Hope you all will join us and help us celebrate this talented young man who’s just an amazing person to know.

Birthday Graphics

Make a birthday graphic wishing Mitchell a Happy Birthday. You can use any pictures, words and decor that you want. Any image size is fine.

Video Greetings

Say a simple greeting nothing too long. Can be 30 seconds long but less than a minute.

Send it via Instagram or email. Just send me the url to the video if you upload it elsewhere.

Name it
Name five things you think of when you see Mitchell. You can write it on paper or make a graphic out of it if you have graphic skills. If you make it out of paper, decorate it and color it. You can also do a personal drawing of Mitchell if you prefer. After your done take a picture of it and send it in.

And lastly our final one. If you follow Mitchell on twitter or instagram. We want you to show your support.

Support Mitchell
Make sure to like Mitchell’s twitter or instagram and take a pic in front of your computer with his twitter or instagram behind you. Let’s show him how much we care.

Everything must be sent in no later than July 15. That’s the cut off date. Please send everything to

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Mitchell’s online book

Down below is Mitchell’s Online book we did for his birthday it was a pleasure to work on it and I also drew most of the graphics you saw in the video. In the PDF you can view the graphics in full res. You may print it and enjoy all you see before you. Thank you very much to everyone.

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Happy Birthday Mitchell

Today we celebrate Mitchell’s 16th birthday. A young man that has inspired a bit more than the entertainment industry. Having watched the majority if not all of his films, television shows, and play. Mitchell has been an inspiration and a joy to see on screen. As I watched him grow from a short called Sea Legs to Ties that Bind I have seen his progression in his acting and have not been disappointed only excited to see more that he has done. Today he turns sixteen, I hope he enjoys what we have put together for him and I would like to thank everyone that submitted their greeting, words and story for him to read and see. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Down below is an online book for you to see. The messages in the video are not clearly visible especially the ones that contained a lot of words, but you can zoom in on our online book and read each message at your leisure. I hope you enjoy all you see, till next year. Happy Birthday Mitchell. May you have a very good birthday and keep being the person you are. We love you. Happy 16th birthday!

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